Rough Play

Rough Play by Christina Crooks

Sensual Reads Reviewer's Choice award“Christina Crooks knows how to keep the suspense flowing while still adding heaps of humor to every scene…I could not put this book down until I reached the last page.”Sensual Reads

Christina Crooks is not afraid to explore extreme BDSM play, incorporating it into novels which linger in your mind way beyond the final page.” –Two Lips Reviews

“Whew! Rough Play is a very hot read. Christina Crooks combines elements of romantic suspense and BDSM to make a unique and gripping tale of kidnapping, blackmail and S&M.” –Book of Secrets

“I was hooked from start to finish, and I absolutely recommend Rough Play for shy and sensual audiences alike.” –Fire Pages

In Christina Crooks’s suspenseful new novel, a woman’s search for a missing friend leads her to an erotic playground of fetish and fantasy…

After escaping her sexually dominant husband, dating coach Charlotte is ready to play it safe. But when her client, Gail, disappears after visiting a fetish-oriented club called Subspace, Charlotte must enter the erotic underworld to find out what happened to her.

Club owner Master Martin is willing to help Charlotte — as long as she agrees to a little role-playing. As Charlotte slowly surrenders to Martin’s sensual enticements, she finds that her penchant for submission is more intense than ever. But at the same time, as her search for Gail leads her deep inside Subspace’s catacombs, Charlotte fears it may already be too late to save Gail… or herself.

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Sweet and Dirty

Sweet and Dirty by Christina CrooksTwo Lips Reviewer's Choice Award for Sweet and Dirty“Have a warm cup of cocoa or a frosty beverage handy as you savor two novellas which explore the sweet and dirty sides of BDSM.” –Victoria, Two Lips Reviews

“The author has clearly done her research…which makes the stories that much more real. Fans who like a BDSM twist to their happily ever after should be completely satisfied.” –Romantic Times

“Will make your toes curl.” –Romance Reviews Today

“Wonderfully stimulating, titillating.” –Night Owl Romance

Embrace your most illicit desires…

“Baring It All”

From her relationships and her home life to her job as a dog trainer, Michelle Gray is too often the obedient one. So when she crosses paths with Ro Kaliph, the owner of an S&M nightclub, she decides to take a few lessons in being more dominant — but discovers instead that surrendering to Ro’s every command brings her the most intense, satisfying pleasure.

“Forbidden Heat”

Workaholic Nora Sabine has finally made time for a vacation with her fiance. And she’s pleasantly surprised to learn the B&B where they’ll be staying is actually a Bondage & Breakfast. Indulging in every blissful sexual punishment, Nora can’t seem to get enough. But when she meets the inn’s owner, Sylvester, he takes her over the edge as he introduces her to a fantasy world where ecstasy has no boundaries…

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